Write love letters

June 5, 2019 by No Comments

Despite SMS and e-mails the good old love letter is still not out of fashion and enjoys a very high priority. Not infrequently, love letters are kept for a lifetime, even if this love may already be a thing of the past.

But just because the love letter has such a high priority, many are afraid to actually write it. Or they do not know how to write love letters and are therefore looking for guidance or guidelines to learn how to write love letters.

However, both are completely superfluous, because it is much easier to write love letters than most people believe.

Instructions and tips for writing love letters

Many seem to think that in their love letters they must imitate great poets and thinkers, or that love letters require a particularly elegant, poetic and lofty language. In fact, this is not expected or even demanded by anyone.

It is rather that a love letter lives from real and sincere feelings!

It does not matter how, but how your own feelings are expressed. Transferred to practice, this means that when writing his love letters, the author should first think of the one to whom the love letter is addressed.

This results in most ideas and contents automatically, because the recipient of the love letter is a very special person, otherwise he would not receive a love letter. So the writer can write what makes the recipient so special, such as his laughter, his radiant eyes, his warmth, his sense of humor, his power or the calm he radiates.

In addition, the author can remember how it was when he met this person for the first time and what feelings this triggered in him. By the way, it can also be helpful to consider what the author has been raving about to his best friends when he talked about the first date or dates.

In addition, the author can show his appreciation to the recipient. So he can thank for the support, the attention or the many small and big things of everyday life that make the relationship unique. Especially when the love is already a bit older, it certainly does the recipient good to read that his partner is proud of the relationship and a life without him can hardly imagine.

But there are also some technical tips for writing love letters:

So love letters should always be written by hand, because there is nothing more unromantic than printed texts. In addition, the author should pay attention to rather short sentences. No one wants to read a sentence several times to understand what the author really wanted to say.

In addition, not only for conversations, but also for love letters that with too many words everything can be talked over.

A love letter is not a school essay that is graded.

Therefore, the author should not pretend, but to put his feelings on paper, as he speaks otherwise. Spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes do not necessarily have to be, but surely no one will think of drawing the red pencil.

Even if a love letter contains the word letter, the usual rules do not apply here. This means that the author does not have to think long about which salutation he wants to use, but can start directly with the first sentence and use the salutation later or simply omit it.
Incidentally, the same applies to the final formula.