What is a Research Proposal?

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Defining a Research Proposal

Before proceeding with any academic writing, you must understand what the specific task captures. In most of the courses offered in college, a student is expected to submit a research project by the end of their program. Usually, a research project is the last significant assignment for any academic field. In such a project, you must provide a viable answer to a scientific question through research.

The process of writing a research project is undoubtedly quite a lengthy one. It will consequently require you plenty of time and effort. In which case, it would be prudent to ensure that you have all the proper tools and planning. First and foremost, you will be required to submit a research proposal before working on the research project.

What is a research proposal? Essentially, this is a paper that offers insight into the research project. Specifically, a research proposal delineates the scientific concept or phenomenal in question, its relevance in the field, and how you intend to conduct the research.

Structure of a Research Proposal

Typically, research proposals follow a standard format. This means that some of the constituent sections can be found across all possible structures. However, some of the formats may vary depending on your program or institution. That mentioned, not the less, a standard research proposal will have the following sections.

Cover Page

As the first section of your research proposal, this part contains the first elements of the paper. You are required to include the working title of the project, your full name as well as your supervisor's, and finally, the name of the institution and department. You may also need to consult the relevant to determine whether you should include the abstract and table of contents on the title page.


In this section, you are looking to give a general overview of your project. This is where you elaborate on what you seek to do and the significance it brings to the field. Therefore, it is crucial to give a comprehensive background of the research. Similarly, your introduction should provide a relevant context to your program.

Literature Review

For this section, you are looking to provide an academic foundation for your project. This means that you ought to breakdown the existing knowledge that led you to carry out this particular project. Furthermore, you should show the existing gaps that you intend to address.

Research Methodology

This section entails breaking down the tools and techniques that you will apply in the research. It further constitutes providing a justification for any of the methods that you will choose. In short, you are outlining how you will specifically carry out the research.

Referencing List

As the name suggests, this section entails providing a list of all the external sources used in the paper. This should be applied in a consistent formatting style.

In conclusion, the sections highlighted above will guide accordingly in writing a remarkable research proposal.

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