How to Write a Research Proposal

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How to Write a Research Proposal

As you may already know, most students have to write a research project for their program before completing their studies. This is amongst the most arduous papers that anyone ever has to write. Therefore, it goes without saying that plenty of time and effort is required in writing this particular paper appropriately.

Before you even embark on writing your project, you are generally required to write a research proposal. This can be an equally daunting process, whereby you also expect students to be stuck on one aspect or the other. Nevertheless, it remains an integral part of the project. Hence, the student must show just as much diligence when tackling a research proposal.

A research proposal essentially delineates what you are looking to examine. In this paper, you are required to establish the significance of the research and break down the methods that you will apply.

Elements of a Research Proposal

Depending on the field of study that you are taking in college, the research proposal will undoubtedly vary in format. However, standardization is a vital part of academic writing. Thus, you will find that most research proposals will follow the basic structure, with very slight variations depending on the specific field.

Typically, your research proposal should contain the following elements.

  • Title page – This is the first section of the proposal where you outline your title. You also get to include your name and the supervisor’s. You should also remember to add the name of your institution and departments. In some cases, the abstract and title page should be part of the title page.
  • Introduction – In this section, you breakdown the topic of your research proposal by providing the background and context. Furthermore, you also include the statement of the problem and the relevant questions to the research.
  • Literature Review – This section helps you to show your familiarity with the area of research that you have chosen for your proposal and the project, subsequently. Simply put, a literature review helps you to establish the foundation of your research from existing information.
  • Research design and methods – In this section, you outline and discuss the specific method and techniques that you will employ to carry out your research. It follows then that you will have to justify each tool and criterion that you find viable for the process ahead.
  • Implications – This is an additional section in your proposal that can help you to delve much deeper into what your research might offer in the end. You get the chance to show the contribution your work will make in the relevant field.
  • Reference list – Like any other academic writing, your proposal strictly has to include a list of all external sources that you have used when writing the paper. Furthermore, this list should also include the pertinent referencing style as the rest of the proposal.

In understanding fully what constitutes a research proposal, you are well on your way to grasping how to write one effectively.

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