How to write a purchase contract?

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Write a purchase contract

Countless purchase contracts are closed every day, and many are often unaware of this. For example, every customer who buys in a shop enters into a purchase agreement with that store, even if this purchase is not fixed in writing by a contract.


In addition, there are of course shops that are held by a written contract of sale. In this case, the purchase agreement confirms the transaction and serves as proof that both parties have agreed to all items agreed in the purchase agreement.

For many purchases and sales, there are ready-made model contracts containing all the relevant points. Especially when it comes to private stores and items with a rather low value, the buyer or the seller can also write their own sales contract.

However, before anyone should start writing a sales contract, they should first learn what a sales contract is and how a sales contract is made. A sales contract is concluded when there are at least two consensual declarations of intent and the respective other contracting party accepts the declaration of intent.

Declaration of intent in this case means that the seller sells an item or service and the buyer just wants to buy this item. As a result, the contract of sale contains both a commitment and a settlement transaction for both parties.

Commitment business means that both parties to the contract enter into certain obligations. The seller undertakes to hand over the object of the contract to the buyer, thereby acquiring ownership of it and accepting the agreed purchase amount in return. The buyer undertakes to accept the subject of the contract and, in return, to hand over the agreed purchase price to the seller.

A settlement transaction is used if the obligations arising from the purchase agreement are met.

Instructions and tips to write a sales contract

Now the buyer and the seller can fall back on model contracts, but they can also write their own sales contract. This is not too complicated with appropriate instructions and the right tips, because a simple contract of sale between two private individuals comes with a few points.

Under the title, which identifies the document as a purchase contract, the data of the contracting parties are recorded:

These include first and foremost the names and addresses, including telephone numbers, and most of the birth dates and numbers of the identity cards or passports are also written down.

Next is a description of the subject matter as accurate as possible:

In this case, the object is specifically named, if there are serial numbers or special type designations, these are also noted. In addition, all special features, additional equipment and accessories are written down.

It is important in this course, also noted known defects or damage. Otherwise, the buyer can cancel the contract if he can prove that the seller has deliberately and deliberately concealed defects and damages.

The next point in the purchase contract is the purchase price, which is listed both in words and in numbers:

If the purchase price is paid in installments or the subject of the contract is handed over at a later date, this will also be noted accordingly. Actually, the buyer can assert warranty and warranty claims against the seller. For private sales but this is usually waived. Nevertheless, the contracting parties should expressly include this agreement in the contract of sale.

Finally, a contract of sale contains the date and handwritten signatures of both parties.

But it is important that both contracting parties sign the purchase contract by hand, otherwise it is not valid.