How to write a poem?

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Write Poems

Many would like to write poetry, but overlook the fact that it is not so easy to write good poetry. Not everything that rhymes is equal to a poem, and not all the words that seem to be juxtaposed seemingly deserve to be called poetry or even poetry.

But, of course, anyone can learn to write poetry, mainly because it requires not only creativity and imagination for the poetry, but because there are also clear rules, numerous tips and, in principle, a kind of guidance.

Instructions and forms for writing poems

If you want to write poems, you first need an idea, so a topic for his poem. If the topic is fixed, the poet should clarify some basic questions.

For example, he should know who the poem is to be addressed, what message he wants to convey, and what mood his poem should have. In addition, the poet must decide which form of poem he would like to write.

There are poems in many different forms, with hobby poets having two major groups of importance, namely rhyming poetry and non-rhyming poetry.

Rhymes poems

Most of them decide on the rhyming form in connection with writing poetry. However, it is not easy to write successful rhymes. This is not because it is difficult to find words that rhyme. Of course, everyone will quickly come across suitable words, such as kiss and conclusion, heart and pain, sun and bliss or child and wind.

However, the real difficulty reveals itself here too, because everyone has already read these combinations of words many times and in many places. In addition, a rhyming poem not only depends on the rhymes, but also on the meter.

The meter determines the rhythm in a poem. One factor responsible for the rhythm is the number of syllables. That is, for a steady rhythm is helpful if all lines have the same number of syllables. But for metering the emphasis is also very important.

Even if the words rhyme and the syllable number matches, the poem can sound funny when the words need to be stressed differently than is otherwise usual in linguistic usage. But with all these rules there are also exceptions. So the lines may have different numbers of syllables, but the rhythm can still be nice and even.

In addition, the verses can change within the poem and even within the individual stanzas, or stumbling blocks can be used as conscious means of design.

Unrated poems

In the case of absurd poems, rhythm plays the most important role. The stress pattern is of crucial importance to the mood, although here too fractures can be used as stylistic devices. Unkempt poems are often worked with metaphors.

But similar to rhymes, there are also metaphors that are already very much used up. These include, for example, the eyes, which sparkle and sparkle like stars or are as blue as the sea, the soul that is as black as the night or the forest of leaves that rustles softly.

In this respect, a poet will write good poetry, especially if he writes honestly and is eager to experiment. In addition, he should always keep in mind that there is no poem that everyone likes the same, because everyone reads and interprets a poem differently.